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We advertise in magazines in airplanes of Russian and foreign airlines, as well as in magazines in airports in Russia and abroad. This is a great way to express yourself and to attract maximum new customers interested in your services and products. Advertise in the airline magazine or media distributed at the airport is a unique opportunity that will increase brand awareness, its prestige and will promote the brand on the market.

Advertisement placing in airline magazines

Nowadays, all the major airlines have their own magazines, which are distributed on airplanes and in airports. They combine all the advantages of travel and entertainment magazines. However, there are a number of own advantages. First of all, it concerns the audience. Readers of flight magazines are successful, mobile, motivated people with high purchasing power. They are active consumers of goods and services.

In addition, most of them only during the flight are able to read the press not related to their business need. On the plane they rest and read promotional press. This guarantees the durable contact with the target audience.

Another indisputable fact: airplane magazines are distributed for free makes a great souvenir from the airplane, which means that audience will include not only the passengers, but also his friends, relatives and acquaintances. This allows further increase the ad audience.

Marketers claim that advertisement placing in airline magazines is extremely effective for promoting products and B2C business services, consumer goods and services of medium in high price category, as well as the promotion of companies b2b technology.

Advertisement placing in magazines in airports

We also offer advertisement placing in magazines distributed at the airports in Russia and abroad. The audience of these publications consists of passengers and welcomers. While waiting for the plane they carefully examine your promotional offer and can become a permanent consumer of goods and services offered. This form of advertising allows you to reach a maximum audience at a relatively small investment.