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on airplanes

Advertising in the airplanes of Russian airlines is a great opportunity to let people know about yourself, your products and service. Your advertisement will reach wide audience which is characterized as active, mobile, and solvent. It is important that for each category of goods and services onboard advertisement has the solution.

Russian airlines

Advertisement placing on airplanes

in airline's magazines

on electronic displays

in planes

Layout printing
(brochures, leaflets)

Advertising on envelopes, tickets, boarding passes

Advertising on lunch boxes (inner and outer sides)

Advertising on tops folding tables

Advertising on the headrests

Advertising on disposable containers

Advertising on the backs of chairs

Advertising on the baggage shelves

Advertising on food carts

Advertising wet wipes

Advertising on cutlery packages

Advertising on napkins / on food trays

on road sets

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For example, we’re giving you a unique opportunity to place your advertisement in business class. This is a direct path to the part of the audience who would not normally pay attention to advertising appeals. Here you'll find business people and VIPs. The main advantages of advertising in the cabin of the aircraft – a wide variety of formats, types of accommodation and also excellent efficiency. The information posted on the plane is received positively and is memorable because of the duration of contact and comfortable conditions of flight.

Given the growing demand for air travel, ever-growing volume of passenger traffic, expansion of geography of flights, increasing the range, it's safe to say that advertising opportunities in the aircraft are almost limitless. Place your advertisement on board of the aircraft of Russian airlines. Our team will carry out branding of the aircraft interior, or individual elements of the aircraft. We will help you to choose the format, create a design project and bring it to life.

Advertising on airplanes of Russian and foreign airlines

Advertising on aircraft of Russian and foreign airlines offers broad opportunities and various benefits. Our company offers services of placement of your information inside the cabin and on an aircraft hull (branding). We guarantee the success of the campaign and provide the minimum cost of advertising exposure.

Advertising on airplanes offers opportunities for promotion of every business – it takes only to choose the format and develop the project - the work will be done by our company. You only need to tell us about your business and set specific targets for the campaign.

Advertising on airplanes

Advertising on airplanes gives a variety of options and types of advertising medium - from the layout printing and advertisement placing in the airline's magazines to large-scale campaigns with multiple airlines and advertising in airports, as well as full and partial interior branding and advertisement placing on boards

Advertisement placing on airplanes covers active audience, having the time to study the proposed information and ready to make purchases and pay for quality services. Moreover, the time of contact with each advertisement on board much longer than, for example, in the mall or on the streets. Your advertisement will work for you and bring in new business partners, customers, consumers.