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in Pobeda airplanes

Airline «Pobeda» - loukosterov classic from the band "Aeroflot". The airline was established on September 16, 2014 and by 2018 plans to expand its fleet up to 40 aircraft, as well as enter in the top ten Russian airlines. loukostera Planes fly on 53 routes between 24 airports in Russia. Official site:

Advertising placement in Pobeda airplanes

  • Major types
  • Additional types
  • Magazines

Advertisement on monitors

Advertisement on headrests

Advertisement on back of seats

Advertisement on folding tables

Advertisement on tops
of folding tables

Advertisement on overhead bins

Polygraply layouts
(brochures, leaflets)

Advertisement on tickets, mail envelopes, boarding passes

Advertisement on lunch boxes (inside and outside)

Advertisement on disposable dinnerware

Advertisement on the napkins, on the food trays

Advertisement on paper napkins

Advertisement on wet wipes

Advertisement on the blankets

More information

Place your on board - the youngest Russian airline, is rapidly developing and offering a wide variety of services to passengers. We will help you to choose the route and the best option for accommodation information. Our staff will create a project that will hold all the necessary approvals, and work placement.

Airline Winning positions itself as a low-budget Russian domestic carrier, improving transport accessibility in Russia. Accordingly, the majority of passengers - people with average incomes, depart mainly for personal purposes (tourism, travel, small business development, etc.). The main advantage of «Pobeda» - a wide coverage of regions and target audience. based Airport - Vnukovo (Moscow).