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Advertising in Aeroflot airplanes

Aeroflot - Russian airlines, the largest Russian airline with a rich history and aviation traditions. The company has the youngest and the most modern fleet in Europe, which consists of 154 passenger airliners, making flights available on all continents of the globe. In 2015, Aeroflot carried 26,1 million passengers. Official website: HideMore

We'll place your advertisement in the cabin of one of the largest and most reliable airlines of Russia – Aeroflot. Our managers will help to select the optimal format, develop a project, carry out all the necessary approvals, will place on board. We will undertake all work connected with preparation and conduct of any campaign – starting from the layout of materials, to VIP promotions in the business class cabin.

Advertising on Aeroflot airlines is a unique opportunity for those who are planning to develop and grow. For those whose business is moving or is already out on the Russian market and is committed to new heights. Aeroflot operate flights to all the major cities of Russia and in more than 170 countries. The company expands the geography of flights every year, increase the number of flights and passengers carried. Most of them affluent, active and young. They are ready for new discoveries and have enough funds to make purchases and pay for services.

Passenger traffic of
Aeroflot (2019/2020 г.):

37,220 / 14,563 mln ppl.

Advertisement placement in Aeroflot airplanes

  • magazines
  • major types
  • additional types
Advertisement on monitors
Advertisement on headrests
Advertisement on back of seats
Advertisement on folding tables
Advertisement on tops
of folding tables
Advertisement on overhead bins
Polygraply layouts
(brochures, leaflets)
Advertisement on tickets, mail envelopes, boarding passes
Advertisement on lunch boxes (inside and outside)
Advertisement on disposable dinnerware
Advertisement on the napkins, on the food trays
Advertisement on paper napkins
Advertisement on wet wipes
Advertisement on the blankets

Portrait of a passenger


economy class

For the latest information about the prices, advertisement mediums, terms of advertisement placing on Aeroflot airlines please contact our managers
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