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Adverising in Nordwind Airlines airplanes

Nordwind Airlines - charter company tour operator «Pegasus-Touristik». International flights are operated in the directions: Austria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia. Official site:

Advertising in the airline's planes north wind for those whose goods and services are focused on the active younger audience who are constantly on the move. For those who travel frequently and is ready for new discoveries and experiences. We help you to find a way to these people by posting your information on board the aircraft. Leave your inquiry to our managers and we will make all the necessary procedures for advertising.
Nordwind Airlines operates charter flights from Moscow and other Russian cities at the request of tour operator «Pegasus-Touristik» in the main tourist regions of the world, it is based at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. Company Head office is also located in Moscow. Also on request the airline losing its planes to other airlines of the rent. Passengers are offered services on economy and business class. Every aircraft company has a variety of options for advertising - from the layout of printed products to large-scale advertising campaigns

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Advertisement placing in Nordwind Airlines airplanes

  • major types
  • additional types
  • magazines
Advertisement on monitors
Advertisement on headrests
Advertisement on back of seats
Advertisement on folding tables
Advertisement on tops
of folding tables
Advertisement on overhead bins
Polygraply layouts
(brochures, leaflets)
Advertisement on tickets, mail envelopes, boarding passes
Advertisement on lunch boxes (inside and outside)
Advertisement on disposable dinnerware
Advertisement on the napkins, on the food trays
Advertisement on paper napkins
Advertisement on wet wipes
Advertisement on the blankets