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in Saratov airport

We make advertisements in the terminal complex Saratov (Central) , which is the international airport of federal significance, serving many domestic and international flights. We can help you to choose the format, the advertising medium, calculate the cost. Our specialists will provide you with full advertising support, develop advertising campaign, using several types of medium. We make advertising either in Russian or in foreign air terminal complexes.

Placement of advertising in Saratov airport

  • In airports
  • Nearby airports
  • Branding

Advertising panels
(banners, stickers)

Digital advertising
на мониторах, видеостенах

Stickers on registration desks

Layout printing
(booklets, leaflets)

Advertising in magazines

Advertising on airport site

Advertising on brandmauers

Advertising on boards 3×6 m (billboards)

Advertising on city formats

Branding of apron buses

Doors branding

More information

Saratov Airport is the airport of federal significance, which is located in Saratov. Official website of the airport:

Saratov Airport is located on Sokolova mountain in the Kirov district of Saratov. It was established in 1931. In future it is planned to transfer the airport to a new location. А new airport Saburovka, which is located in a village in 20 km from Saratov, is being under construction now. The current airport Saratov serves flights in such direction as Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Volgograd and other major cities in Russia. In summer time charter flights are opened to popular tourist resorts and cities in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece. The annual passenger traffic exceeds 500 000 people. The passenger terminal offers to passengers and it’s visitors all the necessary services.

Basic airlines

Saratov Airlines (Saravia)