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Advertising in Irkutsk airport

Our company is offering the service of advertising placement in Irkutsk Airport, which is the largest airport complex in Eastern Siberia. Our consultants are always ready to find an optimal solution for any task. We work with advertising in any format and size, including indoor advertising on the routes to the airport, on the forecourt, on the building of the complex and outdoor advertising in a building, on the airport's website and in magazines.

Irkutsk Airport is the largest airport in Eastern Siberia. It provides direct connection to 25 largest Russian cities, including the CIS and a number of Southeast Asian countries. Official website of the airport:

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Placement of advertising in Irkutsk airport

  • in airports
  • nearby airports
  • branding
Advertising panels
(banners, stickers)
Digital advertising
на мониторах, видеостенах
Stickers on registration desks
Layout printing
(booklets, leaflets)
Advertising in magazines
Advertising on airport site
Advertising on brandmauers
Advertising on boards 3×6 m (billboards)
Advertising on city formats
Branding of apron buses
Doors branding

Irkutsk Airport is one of the largest in Russia. Its annual passenger traffic exceeds 1.6 million. The route network of aircrafts includes all the major airports of Russia, the Caucasus and foreign airports of Central Asia. Irkutsk is the alternate airport on transcontinental and cross-polar routes from Southeast Asia to North America and Europe, therefore the airport receives all types of aircraft.

Base airlines served at by the airport are Angara and IrAero. Also, the airport serves several Russian airlines such as Aeroflot, Aurora, Orenburg Airlines, S7 Airlines, Yakutia, as well as the flights of foreign companies (Avia Traffic Company, Korean Air, Somon Air, Hainan Airlines). The airport building allows companies to advertise their services and products in any format and size.

Basic airlines: Angara (Angara Airlines), IrAero (Iraero), S7 Airlines, Yakutia (Yakutia Airlines)

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