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in Balandino airport

We place your advertising in the international airport Balandino (Chelyabinsk) in largest South Ural avia hub. We can tell about you and your offer to a huge audience of passengers to become your regular customers and partners! We will select necessary format, find best variant of the placement, and organize promo actions and advertising campaigns. Advertising in the airport in Chelyabinsk is always exact hit in a "bull's-eye"!

Placement of advertising in Balandibo airport

  • In airports
  • Nearby airports
  • Branding

Advertising on lightbox

Advertising panels
(banners, stickers)

Digital advertising
на мониторах, видеостенах

Stickers on registration desks

Layout printing
(booklets, leaflets)

Advertising in magazines

Advertising on airport site

Advertising on brandmayer

Advertising on brandmauers

Advertising on boards 3×6 m (billboards)

Advertising on city formats

Branding of apron buses

Doors branding

More information

The international airport of federal significance Balandino has air communication with the largest cities of Russia, CIS and far abroad. The official web-site of the company:

The international airport Balandino is located in 18 km from Chelyabinsk, one of the largest cities in Russia. Today this city is industrial, business, cultural, sport and science center of South Ural and Ural federal district.

Airport Balandino connect Chelyabinsk with all great cities of Russia and near abroad and also some foreign countries, including UAE, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, India, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam.

Airport complex annually serves more than 1,7 million of passengers. At the same time the annual growth of passenger traffic is more than 20%. The airport provides all necessary services (restaurants, cafes, hotels and etc.).