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Advertising in Wi-Fi network in airports

We offer advertising services in the Wi-Fi network at airports. This is the only advertisement that guarantees the viewing by each user, since there is no way for user to hide the advertising page. The CTR of many messages exceeds 50%. An important advantage of this type of advertising placement is the fact that it is oriented to the most active and solvent audience - passengers of aircraft, carrying a variety of mobile devices and gadgets.

Advertisement placement in Wi-Fi network in the airports territory

  • 1. The device finds our network

  • 2. Connecting to the network

  • 3. Confirmation of the rules for using the network

  • 4. Obligatory viewing of the advertising page at least 5 seconds

  • 5. The user chooses to go to your site, or skip the advertising page

How it works from

Advertising on the Wi-fi network is the opportunity to target your potential clients by location, device type and operating system, display time. This format also allows you to track the result accurately and quickly: the transition of users to your site, ranging them by gender, age of the potential client, total number of transitions and their effectiveness.

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For the latest information about the prices, advertisement mediums, terms of advertisement placing on a Wi-Fi network please contact our managers
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