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Advertising in Vladivostok airport

Our offer is for those who are seeking new customers in Far East of Russia and looking for more efficient ways to get maximum profit from their investment. By placing your advertisements in the largest in Russian Far East airport Knevichi a company will get the access to young and well-off audience. Due to the advertisement in the airport Vladivostok the demand on your product will significantly increase and your business as a result will boost. Contact our consultant to know more about these possibilities.

Vladivostok International Airport occupies one of the leading positions on the passenger traffic among the airports of the Far East of Russia. Airport's route network includes more than 30 destinations. Official website of the airport:

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Placement of advertising in Vladivostok airport

  • in airports
  • nearby airports
  • branding
Реклама на сайте аэропорта BTL мероприятия, промо-акции
Advertising panels
(banners, stickers)
Digital advertising
на мониторах, видеостенах
Stickers on registration desks
Layout printing
(booklets, leaflets)
Advertising in magazines
Advertising on airport site
Advertising on brandmauers
Advertising on boards 3×6 m (billboards)
Advertising on city formats
Branding of apron buses
Doors branding

Advertising in Knevichi airport offers a variety of options of both Indoor and outdoor advertisement. You can choose the appropriate size and scale of the advertisement: from layouts and city formats to large ads in the airport and airplanes departing from it. As an additional service we can offer branding of external doors, baggage belts, apron buses and even airplanes.

Knevichi Airport is an ultra modern terminal with two airfields – Ozernye Kluchi, which serves local airlines and Western Knevichi, which takes aircraft of domestic and international airlines. Today the complex receives ships of several major airlines, including Russia's Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, UTair, S7 Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, as well as overseas Korean Air, China Southern Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Air Koryo.

Basic airlines: S7 Airlines

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For the latest information about the prices, advertisement mediums, terms of advertisement placing in airport Vladivostok please contact our managerss
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