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Advertisement placing
in Simferopol airport

Advertising in the Simferopol airport – profitable and prestigious investment. It pays off and works on the advertiser long and effective. We believe that advertisement placing in airports is running at maximum efficiency, attracting wealthy, active and solvent people to your business – people, who knows the value of exclusive goods and services. And they are ready to prove it to you! Contact our consultants and they will tell you about all the benefits of advertising in the airport.

Advertisement placing in Simferopol airport

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International airport Simferopol – Russian airport, located on the Crimean Peninsula and carrying out Russian flights. According to the General Director, to the year of 2018 will be built a new terminal that can accommodate up to 7 000 000 passengers per year. Official website of the airport:

Simferopol is a city on the Crimean Peninsula; it became a very popular tourist place in recent years. Here tend to rest the millions of our fellow citizens. And if they are your target audience, what would be the better way to achieve them as your clients than advertising in the airport of Simferopol!

The airport complex is a forecourt area with pay parking facilities, terminal building, office building, restaurant, diplomatic room and runway. Constant air traffic is carried out in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In the summer season there made numerous charter flights to all major Russian cities as well. In the matter of recent events the international traffic is temporarily stopped.

Basic airlines

Air Onyx, Red Wings