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in Tolmachevo airport

We provide services for the advertising placement in airport Tolmachevo, the biggest avia station in Siberia, located in the third most populous city in Russia. We will choose optimal format, the best advertising areas, offer the best advertising campaigns. Advertising in airport Tolmachevo allow you to reach new frontiers, provide a constant inflow of new customers.

Placement of advertising in Tolmachevo airport

  • In airports
  • Nearby airports
  • Branding

Advertising on lightboxes

Advertising panels
(banners, stickers)

Digital advertising
на мониторах, видеостенах

Stickers on registration desks

Layout printing
(booklets, leaflets)

Advertising in magazines

Advertising on airport site

Advertising on boards

Advertising on city formats

Advertising on brandmauers

Advertising on boards 3×6 m (billboards)

Advertising on city formats

Branding of apron buses

Doors branding

More information

This is the only airport of Novosibirsk, regional hub port and international air traffic. In 2019, the airport is served 6,747 million passengers. The official web-site of the company:

The international airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk is one of the largest and dynamic airport complexes in the country, it is considered the best transit hub, connecting two continents - Asia and Europe. Besides, Tolmachevo geographic location allows to serve cross-polar direction, popular in recent years, linking Asia and North America.

Airport Tolmachevo capacity is 2500 people per hour (more than 1500 passengers of domestic and almost 1000 – international airlines). Total passenger traffic is more than 4 000 000 people in a year. Flight map includes all large airports in Russia (also Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) and near abroad, and also capitals of many foreign countries and popular resorts.

Basic airlines

Angara Airlines, Iraero, S7 Airlines, NordStar Airlines, Ural Airlines