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Advertising in airports

We offer services for advertisement placing in the airports of Russia and surrounding territories. We're ready to choose the most profitable options for advertisement campaign for any business, any product and run an advertising campaign: our employees will choose the best format, design the project, perform all necessary approvals, manufacture and place advertisement. Make the most of your investment, tell about your product to an audience of millions of passengers!More

Advertising at the airport and the surrounding area guarantees you success, because people who use the services of air carriers is an audience with above-average income. Travelers and business people who appreciate time and are willing to pay for quality services and products. Tell them about yourself, and gain thousands of new customers and partners, increase your income with minimal effort! Advertising in the airport is one of the most positively perceived, and it is characterized with quality and duration of advertising exposure.Hide

Airports of Russia

  • 1M+ cities
  • Resort cities
  • All cities
Statistics of passenger traffic in airports of Russia

Advertisement placing in airports of Russia

  • in airports
  • in surroundings
  • major types
  • other types
  • BTL
  • branding
  • VIP
Advertising on lightboxes
Advertising on panels
(banners, stickers)
Digital advertising Wi-Fi network Advertising in airport-branded magazines
at the front desk
Advertising in the eating places - cafe, restaurants
Outdoor installation placement
Advertising on overhead structures
Advertising on flags (flying banners)
Advertising on luggage trays
Layout printing (brochures, leaflets)
Leafleting at the front desks
Floor projections, interactive floors
Advertising on self-checkout terminal displays
Advertising on envelopes, tickets, boarding passes
Advertising on boarding pass in mobile app
Advertising on the airport site
on social networks
Expos of cars, appliances and goods
BTL events, promos
Event, flash mob,
on luggage carts
Branding on doors
Branding on columns
on baggage belts
Branding on the escalators
on the elevator shafts
Branding on boarding bridges
Branding walls and glazing
of children rooms

Indoor advertisement placing in airports

We offer services for the placement of indoor advertisements in the airports of Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and America. Advertising at indoor air terminal complexes - a lot of options and opportunities for the promotion of any product, service, brand. This is an opportunity to reach wide audience and guarantee the success of campaigns of any size and scale. Contact us and find out all the possibilities for promoting your business.

Today, the airport complexes are modern, stylish technologically unique facilities. They allow you to post indoor advertisements in a variety of options - from the well-known print distribution - printing brochures, leaflets, etc., to digital advertising, as well as large-scale events in the form of flash mobs and branding.More

Placing indoor advertisements in airports is the one of the most effective option, since the advertisements in the airport allows us to solve all the tasks assigned to product promoting. In particular:

  • Provide access to the audience with an income above average, which has the opportunity to pay for quality products and services.
  • Be certain about the duration of each advertising exposure due to the fact that passengers and welcomers are limited in space and choice of information.
  • Offer the best option for placement and type of advertising structures.

Also, advertising in the airport operates in 24/7/365 scheme. Its quality does not depend on the time of year, weather, and other factors. And another important advantage: the cost is significantly lower as compared to other media channels.Hide

  • major types
  • branding
(displays, wall monitors)
Advertising on digital billboards
(Digital out-of-home)
Advertising on billboards 3×6 m
Advertising on large-format designs
Advertising on firewalls
Advertising on citi-boards
Advertising on pillars, flags
Advertising on Parking coupons
Branding on bins (bin boxes)
Branding on barriers
Branding on boarding bridges
on airport buses
Branding on fuel tanks

Outdoor advertisement placing in the surrounding areas of airports

Looking for the most effective advertising option? We suggest you to take full advantage of outdoor advertising on the airports' surrounding territory. We are absolutely sure that it can guarantee the maximum results with relatively low investments. Call our consultants and see for yourself. They'll tell you how to solve all the tasks and achieve your goals.

Outdoor advertising near the airport complexes offers a lot of placing options along the route to the airport and on the forecourt (eg, in parking lots or at the entrance), and on the way to the aircraft (on the apron, apron buses and fuel tanks). It covers large audience, which is known as people with income above average, with opportunity to pay for goods and services.

Advertisement placing on buildings of terminal complexes and at their entrances, and along the way ensures long contact and provides recognition of the advertising information. It will allow to find new customers and partners because of their geographical location, income level and other important criteria. Your advertisement will work 24x7x365, without holidays, breaks and days off.