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Advertising for Military Industrial Company in Sheremetyevo.15.01.2018

European advertising campaign for Moscow Government.25.12.2017

Advertising of Moscow Christmas Festival on the board of Air France.01.12.2017

Advertising of the Fish Factory Hotel in the Narimanovo Airport (Astrakhan).27.10.2017

Rostelecom in the Vladivostok International Airport.20.10.2017

Advertising of XVI annual all-Russia Forum Strategic Planning in Pulkovo.10.10.2017

Autumn 2017. Advert of Gramma Legal in the magazine Exclusive Style.03.10.2017

Advertising of Commercial Port of Vladivostok.07.09.2017

Astana Expo 2017. Advertising campaign in Beijing Airport.27.07.2017

Soon! The opening of the exhibition «Astana Expo 2017».18.05.2017

Advertising of Arbat’s Stars in Russian airports.13.04.2017

Aeroflot Named Best Major Airline in Europe by TripAdvisor Travellers.11.04.2017

Avia Adv team congratulates all the customers and partners with Christmas and New Year 2017!29.12.2016

Advertising of Rostelecom in the airport of Vladivostok.20.12.2016

Advertising campaign for Astana Expo 2017 is already done.06.12.2016

New advertising at the Pulkovo Airport.17.11.2016

Advert of Expo-2017 on the planes of Lufthansa (Germany).09.11.2016

Advertising of XV annual all-Russia Forum Strategic Planning in Pulkovo.19.10.2016

Advertising of exhibition Astana Expo-2017 in Schiphol Airport.10.10.2016

Advertising of exhibition Astana Expo-2017 on the board of Turkish Airlines.06.10.2016

Advertising of exhibition Astana Expo-2017 in Frankfurt Airport.30.09.2016

Advertising in the airports of host cities of 2018 FIFA World Cup.09.10.2015