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Advertising in VIM-Avia airplanes

In 2015, VIM-Avia transported about 1.6 million people. The airline has performed 11 414 flights, of which 10 520 Regular (90%). The number of flights increased by 868. Official site:

We offer services in advertisement placing in airplanes of VIM-Avia airline. We choose the optimal format, provide the minimum cost of advertising exposure, guarantee maximum return. Our staff is ready to find the best way of posting information for you. Entrust to promote your business to professionals!

The VIM-Avia airline - now considered one of the most reliable and promising Russian charter carriers. The company was founded in 2002. In recent years, the share of regular flights has increased significantly. In addition, the airline is accredited by the United Nations, flies on its order around the world.

Passenger service is carried out in two classes: economy and upper economy. All liners (mainly Boeing 757) are equipped with video and audio systems. In addition, it has its own logbook. Meals in flight is also different in quality and variety. On board the aircraft there are opportunities for advertising in a convenient format for the passengers.

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Advertisement placing in VIM-Avia airplanes

  • major types
  • additional types
  • magazines
Advertisement on monitors
Advertisement on headrests
Advertisement on back of seats
Advertisement on folding tables
Advertisement on tops
of folding tables
Advertisement on overhead bins
Polygraply layouts
(brochures, leaflets)
Advertisement on tickets, mail envelopes, boarding passes
Advertisement on lunch boxes (inside and outside)
Advertisement on disposable dinnerware
Advertisement on the napkins, on the food trays
Advertisement on paper napkins
Advertisement on wet wipes
Advertisement on the blankets